Amazon Theater

Amazon has introduced the Amazon Theater,

a series of five original short films available exclusively at as a free gift to our customers.

I’ve only watched The Tooth Fairy so far, but it was funny enough that I want to take it home to show my wife. Luckily, I can. Amazon uses these films to sell products used in the films, and are thoughtful enough to let me download it.

Amazon Theater builds on’s long history of teaming with artists and authors to offer exclusive content to its customers. Amazon Theater also makes it easy for customers to discover new products that are featured in the films. Customers can add featured products to their Shopping Carts via clickable product credits at the end of each film, as well as peruse special artist boutiques featuring content from Amazon Theater celebrities Minnie Driver, Daryl Hannah, Chris Noth, Blair Underwood, and Tony Scott.

Not being satisfied with anything, I would like to be able to send it my TiVo for display on the Bigger Screen, while I watch from the Comfortable Couch.