Monterey Streetscapes

I spent many a summer day drooling over the candy counter in the H & H Cash Store, run by the Herrold family. It sits on the corner of Main and Spruce Streets, across from the courthouse. They stocked the best cheeses; large blocks of Colby or Monterey Jack, from which Jack or Gaye would cut a pound, or just a hunk so we could see if we liked it. Jack died just before we visited Highland in July.

The Highland Telephone Cooperative found a new building, and the former offices have become The Stone Hearth. They put on a good spread. I had the rainbow trout.

Looking southeast out of town on U.S. 250, you can see what I think is the residence of the owners of the Montvallee Motel, and the new post office.

One of the newest structures in Monterey is the Family Dollar. Approved earlier this year with little objection, the building shot up — and then some realized that it might not mesh with the neighborhood. But this unsavory trend started with the Monterey branch of the Blue Grass Valley Bank, between the Family Dollar and the post office. The post office built up to the sidewalk, with parking on the side. The bank didn’t.

More photographs of Monterey are in the Virginia Film Office‘s catalog. We lived here.