Magical Weather Notification

Rick Klau pointed out Disney’s Magical Gatherings software. I hadn’t thought to use it, since I’m just planning for my immediate family’s trip into the eye of the storm.

I’m a bit more critical than Rick is. Tinkerbell’s lantern glowed as I noted my favorites, but there’s no easy way to see what the new information is. By “easy” I mean something I spot immediately. There are a number of areas for improvement which rely on data integration in Disney’s backend: cruise and resort reservations, dinner reservations, operating schedules, and so forth. I’m asked to login to the site, when I’ve already identified myself to the application. The chat function uses AIM’s port assignment, tcp/5190, though I would have expected them to use Jabber.

One item that I’d like given the current situation is notification of weather events with helpful links to Disney emergency planning. “We see that you’ll be arriving on September 4th. Did you know there’s a hurricane? Disney World rarely closes, but we will gladly change your reservation if you’d like.”