Poor Coverage

I didn’t mention this before, but NBC’s Olympics site is incredibly bad. The first two thirds of the screen are taken by useless graphical features. And, yes, by useless I mean a banner containing the date and a button for the Telemundo version, a banner advertisement, and the logo. I know what day it is. I don’t need to search Google from here. Trash the advertisements; I’m not clicking — beach volleyball is on and I have to concentrate. Then there’s the background image, which just wastes time on the download.

Look, the web is more than a decade old. I think you can find people who know how to write quality HTML. Earth to NBC, investigate optimization. Oh, yeah, you probably talked to SBCY! marketing. Too bad, I’m out of region, and your Internet-based coverage sucks just as bad as your broadcast coverage.

Speaking of bad, was it too much to ask that they spend more than 30 seconds covering our first gold in fencing?