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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Wednesday, January 21, 2004

A Day in the Life

The Journal News examines the towns it covers. We live in Carmel. The train goes through Brewster. I work in Yorktown.

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Your Eminence

Big Developer wants City of White Plains to condemn Bar Building. Lawyers everywhere wonder where to find a drink.

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A Quandary

I love the network.

My dream job has, for a long time, been one where it does not matter where I work. My job would be wherever I am. So then I could live wherever I want.

Networks make this possible. But some corporations have issues with their carbon assets not being co-located with other carbon and silicon assets. You have to come in to work.

Networks also make it possible for the worker co-location to be far removed from the employer.

Or, to put it another way, why can't I take my salary and hire some Indians to do my job? Oh, right, that would make me a consultant.

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Over There

The Mayor of London has a plan for growth. I enjoyed the week I spent in London. It seemed more amenable to life than New York.

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What Are You Here For?

William S. Burroughs:

What are you here for?

We're here to go. We're here to go into space.

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We're from the Government. We're Here to Help.

  • infinite copyright
  • Free Speech Zones
  • Alien and Sedition Acts USA PATRIOT Act
  • taxes for thee, but not for me
  • Empire
  • content vs. carriers
  • the analog hole
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • all you fascists
  • the Reichstag World Trade Center
  • What? Me? Worry?

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For the Record

WebSiteNOW is an unreliable, unusable, piece of the worst programming trash that it has ever been my misfortune to administer. I advise anyone considering using or purchasing this, or registering a domain, to stop, think, and use something, anything, else.

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On Alienating the Base

So you want to remove the Bush League from office? There are people who will vote for you, no matter what you do, because you're not Republican. There are others who won't vote for you, no matter what, because you're not Republican. Then there are those who stick with a party because that party has stuck to their one issue. They aren't traditional swing voters, because they have an intense affiliation with one party, but they will consider other options if their issue is taken off the table. These are planks which, when removed from your platform, do not cause the base to collapse.

What are the issues that can be taken off the table? Guns, for one.

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What Limited Government?

Novarese points out AOL Presidential Match.

Yet another candidate matchmaker. My best matches, in order, are Bush, Lieberman, Edwards, Clark, Sharpton, Dean, Kerry, Kucinich. I don't particularly like this quiz, as it doesn't allow for any opinion of what policies should be federal and which should be kept at a state level; it just assumes you want the federal government muscling in on everything. [emphasis mine]

That's a huge difference, don't you think? Though it seems there is no longer much difference between the parties when it comes to Federal action. How many citizens voters would understand the difference between arguing for consensual unions of all sorts, and arguing that the Federal government has no business in that sphere?

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