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 Thursday, January 15, 2004

Scheduling Difficulties

Derek and Novarese both complain about NBC's scheduling antics.

NBC is up to no good. I was trying to tell the ReplayTV to record the Bachelorette (please don't ask me why) tonight from 8:00-9:00, but it kept telling me this would conflict with Law and Order, which doesn't start until 9:00. Recording back-to-back programs on different channels has never been a problem before. After a little digging, I discovered that the Replay thinks LnO starts at 8:59 instead of 9:00. When you look at the program guide, sure enough, LnO's little box is just a little bit bigger than everyone else's. WTF? It's not a mistake, either... it's on the official NBC schedule for 14 Jan 2004. Looking at the schedule for upcoming days, this isn't a one-time deal, either.

Yeah, I ran into that last night too. I work around the problem by having a dual-tuner DirecTiVo. The schedule is not entirely accurate, though. The credits for West Wing and the intervening commercials did not end until 21:59.30 EST, and by the time the Law and Order opening number finished playing it was 22:00 EST.

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