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Cox Crow

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 Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Cost of Living Increases; Consumer Confidence Falls

Joe Gregorio and his wife are in China to adopt a daughter. Today he wrote about a short walk he took around Chongqing. Meanwhile, Paul Krugman and Phil Greenspun both wonder about the problems with deficit spending. I worry about the possibility that, even though I can't work from home, my job may be sent to India. Will the United States remain the Land of Opportunity?

If well-paying work here disappears, we won't be able to afford our cost of living. In other words, we'll be dirt poor.

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Long Drive Home

There was ice and a dusting of snow on the road yesterday when I left work. It took almost two hours to drive the 14 miles back to my house, mostly because of ice- and accident-related traffic. Good thing I took the flatter route.

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