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 Friday, January 02, 2004

In the Country, but not of it

The Sierra Club has some interesting renderings of urban replacements for suburban environments. I like towns more than strip malls, too, but there is something attractive about a having a lawn. Because we live in the New York City watershed, and it's not flat, suburban development here is somewhat different than Long Island. And it's been in progress long enough that there are more trees. It feels more semi-rural than sub-urban.

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Found Stuff

BoingBoing says that

[k]ids' craphoundery [is] compromised by commercialism. Fiona Romeo writes about a BBC program about children and collecting, and the way that the commercialization of collectibles has changed the experience of collecting for kids.

The Big Sister collects things. She'll find something — a bit of fluff, a string, a button — and save it. She has some containers scattered around the house where she puts these things. She calls them her treasures.

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It's nice to have regular turning points. One of my resolutions for the new year is to simplify and balance my life. In practice, this will mean a number of things.

  • Don't work too much, for then I can spend more time with my family.
  • Clean my cubicle. It's covered with printouts of things that I'm interested in, but never find the time to read.
  • Find the time.

There are other things I think I should do to balance out the scales. I'm a member of AAA. The AAA participates in politics on behalf of members automobiles. I don't agree with some of their positions, but the benefits of membership are useful. Shall I balance this by joining a Tri-State Transportation Campaign member organization, or by attempting to alter the AAA's advocacy? My money is a partial, unsatisfactory substitute for action.

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