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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Wednesday, December 31, 2003




if [ $CALENDAR="Gregorian" ] then echo "Happy New Year" fi

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Odd Non-Delivery Implementation

I just ran into the most idiotic, god-forsaken, implementation of a delivery service notification that I've ever seen.

Ntelos, a spelling-challenged-yet-not-bad ISP and LEC in the Shenandoah Valley, doesn't so much bounce mail as send what you wrote back to you, with no headers. Or maybe this is a feature of Microsoft Exchange.

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1975 to 1982

I don't remember gasoline lines. I do remember the More With Less cookbook, and the food co-operative that Mom helped run at the Sycamore Presbyterian Church. I remember Tupperware parties and the World Book Encyclopedia. We didn't have a television until 1978 or so. We played with the kids in the neighborhood.

I remember riding my bike into town with my brother. We would buy comics, then go for chili dogs and cream sodas at Skyline. There's this street that runs into Main, probably Hill Street, that seemed about a 45 degree grade. We'd coast down that hill and zoom into traffic. Got to get your timing right. :-D

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Where's the Beef?

I am not an agribusinessperson, but I did take agriculture in high school. If that doesn't make me highly qualified, I don't know what does. Here's a short list of dumbass, idiotic, things to do if you're raising cattle.

  • Cattle are herbivores. Herbivores eat vegetables. Feed them meat.
  • Cattle eat grasses. Feed them corn and ROLAIDS.

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