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Cox Crow

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 Monday, December 30, 2002

The Blog

Michael Radwin and Jeremy Zawodny (both of Yahoo!) discuss the possibility of blogs.yahoo.com. I don't think we need a new hostname — just provide the members with the tools they need to write and publish to their existing personal web pages space. Tools which should be in the toolbox you get when you sign up for service.

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One of the systems I watch over decided to get uppity and use all of the disk space devoted to member files. The system in question was part of a migration during one of our previous acquisitions, and is not exactly well-integrated with the rest of the customer management systems. In other words, there was no routine to delete the directories and files of defunct member accounts. Complicating the problem was Network Appliance's snapshot technology, which kept the files on disk until I deleted the snapshots that referred to them. The NetApp snapshot is basically a collection of hard links. [note: insert description of UNIX file handling here.]

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Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

I was reminded that I wanted to add rel="bookmark" to my template by Mark Pilgrim's latest wonder, which also introduced me to the ins tag.

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Testing Two Tags

think I found where the permalinks, not the images, are rendered, so I can add rel="bookmark" to them. This is where I would bitch and moan about how Radio Userland sucks, but I don't have that much time. Instead of making the change inside system.verbs.builtins.radio.weblog.render, where Userland will write over it with something crufty, make the change in #itemTemplate.txt, where it will merely duplicate whatever Userland might put in the aforementioned spot inside Radio. In my #itemTemplate.txt, I have
<div class="item" id="a<%itemNum%>" />
to which just added rel="bookmark"
<div class="item" id="a<%itemNum%>" rel="bookmark" />
These sample divs are closed just in case you are double-decoding for some reason.

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