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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Monday, December 23, 2002

Wilson to Thurmond to Lott

BoingBoing pointed to Patrick Nielsen Hayden pointing to Real Live Preacher. Interesting. But what intrigued me was the item immediately below that on Woodrow Wilson.

Of the Wilsonian programme, I've long agreed with self-determination, which I've seen as directly derivative of both our failed attempts at secession and West Virginia's success at same. Unlike others, I do not think the reasons for the South's attempt to secede contaminate secession itself: If the people can form a government, they can destroy it. So I was somewhat surprised to learn from Lies My Teacher Told Me that what I knew of Wilson was incomplete. Apparently his ideal of self-determination applied only to Caucasians.

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Keeping Up With the Joneses

L. M. Orchard has released a MoveableType plug-in to allow the use of an LDAP directory for authenticating authors. This is an essential step in integrating MoveableType into an existing infrastructure. Duplication and attempted synchronization of authentication credentials and user information generally degrades the user experience and introduces errors. Supporting a common access protocol enables the introduction of new services while keeping the costs of deployment low.

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Supply-Side Economics

Countries with high broadband penetration are seeing the development of specialized portals devoted to broadband service delivery (e.g. streaming TV, pay per view video). A good example is Hong Kong's now.com.hk. [robertshaw.info]

The approach in the States is somewhat different. Working on the assumption that the unavailability of content is what is inhibiting broadband adoption rates, Prodigy, then SBC Yahoo!, have added bandwidth-hungry options to DSL-customer-specific pages. AOL and MSN do something similar. Not only are members who have capacity for this content targeted, but the availability of this broadband-specific content is thought to encourage service upgrades. I am not privy to any data that indicates one way or another whether this increase in supply has had the desired increase in demand.

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