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Cox Crow

Asking the Stupid Questions Since 1971
 Thursday, December 19, 2002

I am especially good at expectorating!

Beauty and the Beast: "until he learned to love someone, and earn her love in return."

Beauty and the Beast (Special Edition): "until he learned to love someone, and earn their love in return."

The special edition uses the neuter singular pronoun. Is the rooftop struggle between Gaston and the Beast one of suppressed, unrequited love?

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Inventory Control System

Desired: An inventory control system that is not in Access, Excel, or requires installation of a bunch of proprietary crap on the systems.

Helpful: for each item in inventory, link to vendor's web site, link to model number's web site (preferably the one containing the technical documentation and firmware updates), link to the website for the s/n (if it's a Dell). Link to map of location on floor.

RedHat Network can get a lot of system data, as can Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) (Microsoft implementation of DMI + some SNMP-like stuff). Can we maintain a repository of this information that is accessible centrally, and managed locally? I'm sure we'll find out what methods the Parent Company uses.

Every company I've worked for has had a pathetic attempt at inventory control. For some reason this is too hard, or too expensive, to effectively automate. Or maybe it's a job preservation program. In any case, I don't like getting up from my desk.

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Make a Wish

Just ran across on this in my referrer log.

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They Have to be Carefully Taught

I've been reading Lies My Teacher Told Me over the past few weeks, and have almost finished it. All-in-all I find the book quite interesting, though in several places James Loewen allows himself to be distracted from the main thrust of his argument by the false lure of self-esteem. While these emotional issues may have something to do with history class's being boring, they have little bearing on historical discovery. During my time in Hell high school, the National Honor Society sponsored a student-teacher day, where each NHS member got to play at being the teacher, planning the class, then leading it. One hour of one day is not enough time to change a pattern of boredom that has been established for years.

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