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Cox Crow

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 Thursday, December 05, 2002

Career Trivia

Net usage numbers. Some interesting Net usage numbers from ComScore, which bought Media Metrix. Total US online users is about 143 million. AOL Time Warner, MSN, and Yahoo each have more than 100 million unique monthly visitors, with the AOL network tops at 107 million. In other words, 70 percent of all Internet users in the US went to those three sites last month. It's like the broadcast TV networks in the 50s and 60s, except there is plenty of competition. [Werblog]

I worked for the company which designed the MediaMetrix data warehouse, but I wasn't involved with that project.

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The Missing

Yesterday I asked, how many of these films are available for purchase? Most, but not all.

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The Watercooler

Rael Dornfest:
Cast a net for a set of personal UUIDs (read: telephone numbers). Notify me if anyone within tooth-shot has more than a specified threshhold of n contacts in common. Offer to broker an introduction.

Howard Rheingold:

As he sees it, the crowds who surround us every day constitute a huge waste of social capital. If you live in a city for instance, there are many who pass within a few yards of you each day who could give you a ride home, buy an item you're trying to sell, or consider you as dating material.


The new iChat instant messaging app can use Rendezvous to discover and directly connect with other iChat users on the network, adding colleagues and friends to the list when they enter the network and removing them when they leave, all automatically.

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Having Trouble Coming Up with a Punchline

What's the difference between the Archdiocese of Boston and Iraq?

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The Trouble with Being the Consumer

TiVo rocks Mark Pilgrim's world. Last night, while waiting for the Little One to fall asleep, we watched part of Twilight Zone, and then, when a moment presented itself, I moved over to The West Wing. The dialogue on West Wing is no contest for a baby crying in your ear, even with the volume turned WAY UP. I suppose a VCR would have worked to timeshift the show to some time more **&^#$(@ convenient, but we have DirecTV. One of the downsides of that is the inability to record one thing while watching another (depending on what kind of dish you own). Of the 168 hours in the week, we have, if we're lucky, 14 to spend on watching television. Of the 84,000 hours worth of television that we could watch, there are maybe three or four that we want to watch. Does anybody in the industry notice the problem here?

Assume that there are 10 minutes of advertisements for each half-hour of fluff. We might potentially see 280 minutes of advertising, but we're more likely to see 60 — assuming we only watch advertising-supported fluff, which we don't. Not only is the advertiser not getting their money's worth, but we're wasting an hour that we'll never see again.

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Do you remember your President Nixon?
Do you remember the bills you had to pay?
Or even yesterday?

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Potential Hot Spots

Sky Dayton, founder of Earthlink and Boingo Wireless, says one of the challenges to wireless Internet access is
Ubiquity. 3,000 intentional hot spots; 1M potential locations. 212 conf centers, 3,032 train stations, 5,352 airports, 53,500 hotels, 72K business centers, 202K gas stations, 480K restaurants, cafes, and bars; 1.1M retail stores.
as blogged by Glenn Fleishman in [80211b News]. That's an interesting set of numbers. How many libraries are there? 117,418

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