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Cox Crow

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 Wednesday, December 04, 2002

POWER to the People

On the one hand, TerraSoft produces a PowerPC motherboard in the ATX form-factor; on the other, IBM ships the p630 without AIX [c|net]

In other news, Butler Group comes to a similar conclusion as I did.

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When you get 20 tabs open in Mozilla, the favicon.ico becomes the only way you can tell them apart.

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Are the twenty movies that changed us among the 2,480 currently available movies?

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A Concrete Example

Man #1: "...so I was trying to ping this guy's computer, but...."
Man #2: "What do you mean 'ping'?"
Man #1 suddenly punches Man #2 in the shoulder.
Man #1: "Now hit me back."
Man #2 punches Man #1 in the shoulder.
Man #1: "That's ping."
[via icann.Blog]

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Good to See You

Robert Shaw, of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), is back on-line, with some excellent posts on DNS

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Bond, James Bond

Looks like Penguin is reissuing the Ian Fleming novels. They were unavailable, in new editions, for quite a while. I read them all at the library, but have not added them to my collection.

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