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Two Sets of Rules

I think my major problem with Mosler’s theories is that there are two sets of rules. The second set only applies to the the issuer of the fiat currency. It is not applicable to, for example, New York State, or … Continue reading

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It’s Good to Be the King

I’ve been slowly reading Warren Mosler‘s theories since Zimran Ahmed pointed them out a few weeks ago. They are, to say the least, non-intuitive. From what I can discern so far, there are two sets of economic rules: Those for … Continue reading

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The $306 Trillion Bailout Plan

A couple of weeks ago, Zimran Ahmed tossed out the suggestion that the Federal government send $1 million to each person in the U.S. (Though he said “everyone,” I’m assuming that he means “everyone in the U.S.”) Current U.S. Census … Continue reading

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