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Sorry. Procedures.

I’m reading an excellent book right now that’s discussing how we surrender our judgment to detailed rules and procedures: The Death of Common Sense: How Law is Suffocating America, by Philip K. Howard. These problems plague any large organization, not … Continue reading

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To Those of You Paging Out for On-Call Support

You’d better have a damn good reason for waking me up. Ask yourself this: “Is somebody dying?” No? Then it can wait until morning.

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What do the Professionals Bring to the Table?

With the office abuzz with rumors that IBM might purchase Sun, I’m tempted to ask myself if I really needed any reminders why I don’t read trade publications.

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I’ve found that I put off going to work because I know the Internet connection there is limited.

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What do the text utilities on AIX have against following the manual and manipulating newlines properly? Is it just that AIX is from IBM, and IBM software is half-assed? $ uname -a AIX myhost 3 5 00C2D2804C00 $ echo ” … Continue reading

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The reduction in force has started. I wish I could see what the pattern is, but we’re kept in the dark.

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Zimran, thanks for linking to Michael Lewis’s piece on Sarkozy’s attempt to make the French more productive. It is funny, but given my circumstances at the moment, I would pull out this quote. Nicolas Sarkozy, the new French president, has … Continue reading

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One of Rick Klau’s shared items in Google Reader suggested that journalists today will need to know Photoshop, HTML, and a bunch of other crap to get a job. That may be so, but remember that computers are just a … Continue reading

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Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day out today. The wind chases fluffy white clouds across the sky. Leaves whisper in the breeze, counterpoint to the bullfrog’s basso. I can hear the sounds of baseball from the park. The girls are out playing … Continue reading

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I’ve been running without root access to systems for nigh on two years now, and I must say that it is very annoying, even with sudo in order to start some web servers and such. The basic UNIX security model … Continue reading

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Snow Days at Google

Avinash Kaushik posted a list of ten things to envy about working at Google, which are, oddly enough, similar to the reasons Joel Spolsky says I would love being a sysadmin at Fog Creek. Both companies place a lot of … Continue reading

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Y’know, the puzzling thing about 2001: A Space Odyssey is why Dave Bowman didn’t beat HAL to pulp with a monkey wrench immediately after meeting it. Obviously the man had not had much experience with computers.

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Ready for Vacation?

Ever have one of those days where you feel like your job is making you dumber by the minute? I am. I have this recurrent daydream where I’m independently wealthy and volunteer my time to work on the transportation systems … Continue reading

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Sensitivity Training

The HTTP specification defines the method of a request in section 5.1.1. This definition dates to 1992. The Method token indicates the method to be performed on the resource identified by the Request-URI. The method is case-sensitive. Various cookbooks for … Continue reading

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Real Work, in the Real World

Back in May I was elected to the board of directors of the Dalton Farm Homeowners Association, and became co-chair of the grounds committee. What that means is that I’m responsible for ensuring that the grounds are maintained — that … Continue reading

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On Java

“Write once, run anywhere” is a crock of shit.

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