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Health care as an employer-provided benefit arose in response to salary caps and payroll taxes [citation needed]. It was a way to compete for employees by increasing the employee’s effective salary without having to pay all of the cost. Employee … Continue reading

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Modern Architecture at its Peak

The full measure of an architectural style can be taken when there is no life in the buildings, when what purpose they served has left, and we are no longer distracted by the people and things which graced these places. … Continue reading

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Dear Diary

I’m reading George Orwell’s diary and Samuel Pepys’s diary one day at a time in Google Reader, as the entries are published. The two diaries are a study in contrasts. Pepys’s is detailed, run-on, and full of name-dropping, politics, and … Continue reading

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Observations Made While Waiting for an Oil Change

Are the anchors on Fox News trained in rhetorical technique, the use of logical fallacies, and paranoid sarcasm? Or do they just come by it naturally?

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