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The differences between American media and the BBC World Service in treatment of the financial situation with the automotive industry, or anything really, are just striking. I’ve been listening to WNYC on my drive to the office, so hear NPR‘s … Continue reading

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Electronic Medical Records

On Marketplace this morning, they mentioned that Obama wants electronic medical records. Why is it any of Obama’s damn business? I haven’t noticed a reduction in paperwork as a result of computing. There are normal computing issues magnified by the … Continue reading

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DirecTiVo, your return can not be too soon

Our DirecTiVo was dying. Every now and again, frequently at times, it stopped, hung. Maybe it waiting on a bad block on disk. Maybe it was just the heat. But the only option offered by DirecTV was a replacement with … Continue reading

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Comments Disabled Until the Internet Gets a Life

O you spammers, may the fleas of a thousand camels nest in your pubic hair.

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