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I’ve gotten used WordPress saving my posts, so when it doesn’t, and I accidentally close the tab…. Damn.

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Check Your Textbooks

One of the problems with government schooling is the textbooks, particularly the history texts, which tend to become little more than a combination of puff piece and indoctrination manual after the various interests get done fighting over what goes in … Continue reading

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sed -E ‘s/(dumb|stupid)//g’

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Your World. Delivered.

I had nothing to do with this Discordian activity:

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Are you now, or have you ever been, a [BLANK]

Because so many people have such trouble with logic — and do not understand that though A is a member of B, all B are not A — let me point out the following. The perpetrators of the terrorist attack … Continue reading

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Mandating Health Insurance Will Increase Costs

Providing a health care subsidy or mandating the purchase of health insurance will artificially increase demand which, assuming supply remains constant, will raise costs. Much better to determine why costs are high, and address the causes rather than the symptom. … Continue reading

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Counterdisintermediation, in an attempt to remain relevant

A famous character once opined, Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. The executives at ABC are determined to prove that axiom by launching a video-on-demand product that does not include the ability to skip the commercials. But those of … Continue reading

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I was watching Thursday’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama this morning, but came up with some more important things to do shortly after they discussed Cuba. Mrs. Clinton’s comments were insubstantial. Mr. Obama’s were on target. (The debate … Continue reading

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Jackass of the Week

It might be interesting for a while to have a “jackass of the week” feature, but there are only 52 weeks in the year, and many, many more jackasses than that. But just for starters, let’s include the entire Directorate … Continue reading

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I love mountains. Do you?

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Somehow I get the feeling that Rick is sharing all of my posts. Wonder how many friends he has reading that shared items feed.

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Lowering My Health Care Costs

If Mrs. Clinton, or Messrs. McCain or Obama would like to lower health care costs, then perhaps they could encourage Congress to start by requiring that all insurance companies, doctors (and anybody else who conducts inter-state commerce) have a real … Continue reading

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Simply because you say something, does not make it so. But enough people might believe it to be so, that for all intents and purposes it is. Last night during the post-election analysis on CNN, David Frum, whom Jerry Pournelle … Continue reading

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What My Amazon Wishlist Wants

I have 180 or so items on my wishlist at Amazon. There are a couple of things that would come in handy. The obvious one would be the ability to search through it for a particular book, or genre. For … Continue reading

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Telephonus Interruptus

Perhaps I have a one-track mind recently, but on viewing this public service announcement [via Movie Marketing Madness, via Rick], I understood the tagline “We won’t interrupt your phone calls” a bit differently than perhaps was intended.

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Wanted: Party Loyalty

By way of Rick Klau‘s shared items in Google Reader, I learned that They — and by “They” I mean Patrick Ruffini — have it in for Ron Paul. The candidate whom Mr. Ruffini suggests would be the more “traditional … Continue reading

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Against the Dragnet

Dear Senator Clinton: You should be ashamed. Dear Senator Schumer: Thank you for voting to remove the telecom immunity provision from the contemptible bill recently before the Senate. Dear Representative Hall: I am very concerned about the direction this country … Continue reading

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On the Superdelegate Question

Taegan Goddard quotes Todd Purdum, It would mean that Clinton’s only hope of winning would be some kind of backroom deal…. Might I suggest that perhaps the candidate who can win through the use of such tactics might be the … Continue reading

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Snow Days at Google

Avinash Kaushik posted a list of ten things to envy about working at Google, which are, oddly enough, similar to the reasons Joel Spolsky says I would love being a sysadmin at Fog Creek. Both companies place a lot of … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like John McCain, either

John McCain once again demonstrated why he’s not my choice for President. For details see EFF v. AT&T.

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